Kindles for Academics – Alex Golub in Inside Higher Ed

Interesting article in this week’s Inside Higher Ed, about how useful (or not) the Kindle is for academics

Academics often have a different experience of reading from that of regular readers — our books are expensive, they are odd sizes, we intend to use them our entire lives and are careful about their condition, and we travel everywhere with an elaborate array of mechanical pencils, sticky notes, and highlighters to read them. The physical experience of reading on a Kindle solves many of these problems for us. Over the summer I read Pevear and Volokhonsky’s translation of War and Peace, something that I had tried and failed to accomplish before simply because the book was too damn large to handle. Kindles can be held over one’s head while in bed or on the couch without tiring the arms, a key consideration for academics who 1) read everywhere, all the time and 2) have no upper body strength.

Read the article here

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