The Framed World: Tourism, Tourists and Photography – reviewed in the Times Higher

The Framed World: Tourism, Tourists and Photography, was reviewed in the Times Higher last week.

From the THE review:

The book consists of 14 essays intertwining a number of disciplines, from the most obvious ones of tourism studies and photography (both professional and amateur image-making), to anthropology, history, psychology, cultural studies, and even theology and music. It is the richness of the dialogue between these, combined with the ubiquity of the practices described, that makes the publication intriguing and accessible.


Edited by Mike Robinson and David Picard, the book is published in Ashgate’s New Directions in Tourism Analysis series.

Other reviews:

Given the ubiquity of tourist photography, it is surprising that so little scholarly attention has been dedicated to this subject. The Framed World fills the gap. Like tourism itself, this volume travels the globe, with cases ranging from Taiwan and New Mexico to Greece and Indonesia, and spans the entire history of photography. A most welcome addition to the “new tourist studies”, thanks to the volume’s attention to photography as a social practice.
Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, author of Destination Culture: Tourism, Museums, and Heritage

Ranging from the methodological to the historical, via the anthropological and philosophical, this volume presents cross-disciplinary approaches with which to read off the many layers in the palimpsest of each tourist site considered. It presents a strong analysis of the particularly neglected area of tourists’ photographs, and the photography of tourism.
Marcus Banks, University of Oxford, UK

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