Klaus Bosselmann wins award from the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law

We are delighted to report that Professor Klaus Bosselmann was recently the recipient of the first annual Scholarship Award as Best Researcher in the category of Environmental Law Academic with more than 10 years experience from the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law. The award was presented at the 7th Annual Colloquium of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law at Wuhan, China, on November 4, 2009.

As part of the overall review process, the scholarship committee received a number of very positive comments regarding Professor Bosselmann (and we’re very pleased that the book he published with Ashgate last year helped him to win the award!)

“Professor Bosselmann’s work, in particular in respect of the ethical implications of environmental law and increasingly in the field of governance for sustainable development, has been groundbreaking and had stimulated debate and scholarship in the academic and policy-making communities. Among his many publications, his recent book, The Principle of Sustainability: Transforming Law and Governance (Ashgate, 2008), is especially notable as an excellent contribution to scholarship in an area that is coming to be viewed as being of critical importance both within the academy and beyond.”

“More than most scholars in environmental law Bosselmann discusses fundamental issues and challenges in environmental law and governance, and advocates radical steps to stop the destruction of nature. He has a wide, interdisciplinary international network and his writings are also often marked by interdisciplinary perspectives. In these senses, his literary work is clearly innovative and original.”

“He is a suitable nominee, in my opinion, in that he sets the bar at a good height for subsequent rounds of hurdlers, high-jumpers and pole vaulters.”

“Particularly in the realm of ethical considerations, his work is rigorous, forcefully articulated and informed by a rich understanding of literature falling outside the conventional realm of legal scholarship.”

“For similar reasons it can be said that this work makes a valuable contribution in a wide range of countries because the challenges taken up are at a higher plane than much conventional legal scholarship that is often anchored in the particularities of individual jurisdictions and the legislative reform challenge of the moment. Klaus Bosselmann’s work, were it to be found in the realm of science, would be classified as fundamental in nature, rather than applied. This in and of itself is a mark of distinction.”

“His writings are visionary, and may be seen by some as rather provocative, but his contribution is clearly valuable to all who are concerned with the environmental crises and how law can better contribute to solutions.”

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