New books from Ashgate: Literary Studies, Music, Art and Visual Studies

Literary Studies

Writing and Religion in England, 1558-1689: Studies in Community-Making and Cultural Memory Edited by Roger D. Sell and Anthony W. Johnson

Gilbert and Sullivan: Class and the Savoy Tradition, 1875-1896 Regina B. Oost (The Nineteenth Century Series)

Harriet Martineau, Victorian Imperialism, and the Civilizing Mission Deborah Logan

Mentoring in Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Culture Edited by Anthony W. Lee

Music Studies

Jonathan Harvey: Song Offerings and White as Jasmine Michael Downes (Landmarks in Music Since 1950 series)

The Ashgate Research Companion to Popular Musicology Edited by Derek B. Scott

Leonard Bernstein: West Side Story Nigel Simeone (Landmarks in Music Since 1950 series)

Understanding Music: The Nature and Limits of Musical Cognition Hans Heinrich Eggebrecht, translated by Richard Evans

Art and Visual Studies

Domestic Institutional Interiors in Early Modern Europe Edited by Sandra Cavallo and Silvia Evangelisti (Visual Culture in Early Modernity series)

John McLean Ian Collins (A Lund Humphries book)

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