Ashgate’s range of Sociology and Social Policy paperbacks

We’ve created a dedicated page on our website which brings together the books from our Sociology and Social Policy list which are available in paperback. Why not take a look?

One of our newest paperbacks featured on this page is Knowledge-in-Practice in the Caring Professions: MultiDisciplinary Perspectives, which is edited by Heather D’Cruz, Struan Jacobs and Adrian Schoo. The book has received some nice endorsements!

The breadth of the contributions is a major strength of this volume. The insights each brings from philosophy, history, theory and practice provide engaging and accessible reflections on the imperatives for, and implications of, the relationship between knowledge and practice. The fact that knowledge and practice are foregrounded in ways that enhance both is a refreshing approach.
Joan Orme, Glasgow School of Social Work, UK

Central to the viability and credibility of health professions is the ability to serve those in need with the right combination of expertise and services in the right way, at the right time, at the right cost. Facilitating a much needed dialogue between professions and offering a bridge to the future of health through cooperative models of practice, this is a must read across health professions in education and practice.
Gayla Rogers, University of Calgary, Canada

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