Reviewing the impact of the internet in the first decade of the 21st Century

Over the last 10 years, the internet has utterly transformed the world. Johann Hari assesses its impact in a good article in the Independent:

On the first day of the Noughties, I sent my first email. I sent it from a different world – one in which spam was something my nan ate from a can, blackberries were a fruit you picked from a tree, and where if you told somebody you wanted to poke them, they’d punch you in the face…

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See also Tara Brabazon’s book The University of Google, which argues that a fetish for information has been profoundly damaging to our learning institutions and to the ambitions of our students and educators.

Angry, experiential and humorous, this book connects with the modern teaching experience in so many ways. Any tutor, teacher or administrator who has ever had to upload a series of lecture notes with the knowledge that many students will merely download the notes and not attend the lecture will engage with this book…

M/C Reviews,

You can also watch Tara Brabazon on Youtube

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