Terrorism, War and International Law: the Legality of the Use of Force Against Afghanistan in 2001

Terrorism, War and International Law is published in The Ashgate International Law series. Written by Myra Williamson, it analyzes the legality of the use of force by the US, the UK and their NATO allies against Afghanistan in 2001.

‘Myra Williamson has produced a work of considerable scholarship which not only challenges some fundamental assumptions about the use of force in the modern world, but which sets those assumptions against a strong historical backdrop. This is a book which deserves to be read not only by those interested in international law and international relations, but also by anyone concerned with the question of whether force can be used legitimately to combat terrorism.’
Scott Davidson, University of Lincoln, UK

‘With the threatened military escalation into Afghanistan by the Obama administration, this book is required reading for all concerned government officials, international civil servants, foreign affairs and defense experts, professors of international law and politics, and citizens of the NATO states who want to stop and then reverse this war of aggression.’
Francis A. Boyle, University of Illinois, Champaign, USA

‘There are two fundamental themes in this important book: firstly, the relevance of the history of international law and its function in understanding contemporary international relations and secondly, the consciousness of the necessity of multilateral use of force in response to a terrorist attack as a crime against humanity.’
Gustavo Gozzi, University of Bologna, Italy

About the Author: Myra Williamson is a Lecturer of Law at the University of Waikato, New Zealand

Sample pages are available to view on Ashgate’s website

The Ashgate International Law series is edited by Alex Conte, a consultant on security and human rights who has worked within government and international organisations, in private legal practice, and as a professor of international law.

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