New books – Geography, Law, Reference


International Business Travel in the Global Economy  Edited by Jonathan V. Beaverstock, Ben Derudder, James Faulconbridge and Frank Witlox

Taxi! Urban Economies and the Social and Transport Impacts of the Taxicab  James Cooper, Ray Mundy and John Nelson


China’s New Enterprise Bankruptcy Law: Context, Interpretation and Application  Edited by Rebecca Parry, Yongqian Xu and Haizheng Zhang

Fair Trade, Corporate Accountability and Beyond: Experiments in Globalizing Justice  Edited by Kate Macdonald and Shelley Marshall

Integrity Systems for Occupations  Andrew Alexandra and Seumas Miller


Development Ethics  Edited by Des Gasper and Asuncion Lera St. Clair

Emile Durkheim  Edited by Ivan Strenski

Family Values and Family Justice  Michael Freeman

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