New books – Politics, History, Variorum

Politics and International Relations

The Ashgate Research Companion to Modern Warfare  Edited by George Kassimeris and John Buckley

Empowering Our Military Conscience: Transforming Just War Theory and Military Moral Education  Edited by Roger Wertheimer

Justice and Morality: Human Suffering, Natural Law and International Politics  Amanda Russell Beattie

Participatory Research Methodologies: Development and PostDisaster/Conflict Reconstruction  Edited by Alpaslan Özerdem and Richard Bowd

The Politics of Security in Modern Russia  Edited by Mark Galeotti

Securing Africa: Post-9/11 Discourses on Terrorism  Edited by Malinda S. Smith


Conscience, Equity and the Court of Chancery in Early Modern England  Dennis R. Klinck

Regulating Health and Safety in the British Mining Industries, 1800–1914  Catherine Mills

Vengeance in the Middle Ages: Emotion, Religion and Feud  Edited by Susanna A. Throop and Paul R. Hyams

War, the State and International Law in Seventeenth-Century Europe  Edited by Olaf Asbach and Peter Schröder


Considering Medieval Women and Gender  Susan Mosher Stuard

From Atoms to Molecules: Studies in the History of Chemistry from the 19th Century  Colin A. Russell

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