March and April conferences – we’re at 22 different conferences between now and the end of April

It’s a busy time for conferences, especially in the UK, and we’ll be attending 22 different conferences between now and the end of April. You’ll find Ashgate in locations as varied as Austin, Bristol, Sydney and Venice. We hope to see you if you are there too!

We will be at:

Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies
25-27 March 2010, Austin, Texas (Ann Donahue)

Spring Symposium of the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies
27-29 March 2010, Birmingham, UK (John Smedley)

Political Studies Association
29 March -1 April 2010, Edinburgh, UK (Natalja Mortensen)

Socio-Legal Studies Association
30 March-1 April 2010, Bristol, UK (Alison Kirk, Sarah Horsley and Kathryn Ely)

Shakespeare Association of America
1-3 April 2010, Chicago (Whitney Feininger)

BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group
6-8 April 2010, Edinburgh, UK (Sarah Lloyd)

British Sociological Association
7-9 April 2010, Glasgow, UK (Claire Jarvis and Neil Jordan)

Travel, Writing & Literatures of Exploration
7-10 April 2010, Edinburgh, UK (Valerie Rose)

The European Society for the Study of Science and Theology & The Science Religion Forum
7-11 April 2010, Edinburgh, UK (Sarah Lloyd)

British Society for Literature and Science
8-9 April 2010, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK (Anne Nolan)

Renaissance Society of America
8-10 April 2010, Venice, Italy (Jackie Bressanelli, Dymphna Evans and Erika Gaffney)

British Forum for Ethnomusicology
8-11 April 2010, Oxford, UK (Heidi Bishop and Sophie Lumley)

Society for the Study of Theology
12-14 April 2010, Manchester, UK (Sarah Lloyd)

Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism
13-15 April 2010, London, UK (Natalja Mortensen)

The Ergonomics Society Annual Conference
13-15 April 2010, Keele, UK (Luigi Fort)

Twentieth- Century Music and Politics
14-16 April 2010, Bristol, UK (Heidi Bishop)

Association of American Geographers
14-18 April 2010, Washington, DC (Valerie Rose and Katy Low)

Association of Art Historians
15-17 April 2010, Glasgow, UK (Meredith Norwich and Claire Percy)

Northern Association for Postcolonial Studies
16-17 April 2010, Sunderland, UK (Sarah Lloyd)

Australian Aviation Psychology Association
18-21 April 2010, Sydney, Australia (Guy Loft)

The Royal Society & Science in the 20th Century
22-23 April 2010, London, UK (Emily Yates)

Art Libraries Society of North America
23-26 April 2010, Boston


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