Europa Triumphans ebook launched in Venice – a popular spot for Renaissance historians this month!

Posted by Rachel Lynch – Ashgate’s Managing Director

Never short of visiting scholars, the city of Venice currently finds itself host to a particularly large number of historians of the Renaissance. The Palazzo Pesaro Papafava was the location a fortnight ago for Waterborne Pageants and Festivities in the Renaissance , a conference organized by Warwick University to celebrate the work of Renaissance theatre scholar Ronnie Mulryne. I’m sure a number of the delegates will have stayed on for The Renaissance Society of America’s annual conference which takes place in a variety of locations around the Venetian islands, starting on 8th April.

The Waterborne Pageants and Festivities in the Renaissance conference saw the launch of the e-book (electronic book) version of Europa Triumphans: Court and Civic Festivals in Early Modern Europe . In partnership with the Modern Humanities Research Association, Ashgate published Europa Triumphans in a monumental two-volume printed edition in November 2004. It was the fruit of many years labour by over sixty scholars worldwide and brought together for the first time some of the most important texts and images relating to festivals of the European Renaissance. The research and scholarship behind the book was extended with the creation of a web portal hosted by the British Library, and in a further development of the original printed volumes, Ashgate has now released a fully-searchable electronic version of the work, which has the added benefit of an index of role-types so that scholars with particular interest in, say, architects or musicians, can now search easily for those groups.

E-books were far from main-stream when the printed volumes of Europa Triumphans were published just six years ago. Publishing technology may have changed dramatically in recent years, but the significance of the body of the research that the Europa Triumphans project represents will continue for many decades to come, and it’s rewarding to see technological advances give it new life.

For more information about the Europa Triumphans e-book and how to buy it visit

Ashgate representatives attending The Renaissance Society of America conference in Venice include Erika Gaffney (Publisher, Literary & Visual Studies); Dymphna Evans (Publisher, Reference) and Jacqueline Bressanelli (Reviews Co-ordinator).


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