A new Architecture home page on our website

We’ve recently set up a new page on our website to bring together and highlight the Architecture books that we publish across our lists. The page includes useful links:

  • to information about Ashgate’s Architecture publishing
  • to details of relevant book series
  • to information for prospective authors about how to submit a proposal
  • for browsing by topic

 Our Architecture publishing programme brings together a comprehensive range of subjects and types of publications.

We have a strong heritage in publishing scholarly research monographs and edited volumes on architectural history, and this area of our list remains very active.

More recently, Ashgate has been focusing on expanding our publications on contemporary architectural theory and design. This part of our list links into a more general spatial studies programme relating to urban design, landscape, urban and cultural geography, cultural studies, heritage, conservation and planning.

We also publish a range of titles for the architectural and design practitioners including handbooks and reference works on construction and design management.

Our Lund Humphries Art imprint includes several beautiful architectural volumes, including Ptolemy Dean’s Sir John Soane and London, and The Drawings of Sir Christopher Wren.

Visit the new Ashgate Architecture page at www.ashgate.com/architecture


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