New books – Music Studies, Religion and Theology, Philosophy


Ancient Text Messages of the Yoruba Bata Drum: Cracking the Code   Amanda Villepastour, Curator of musical instruments, The MIM, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

New in paperback   As Heard on TV: Popular Music in Advertising   Bethany Klein, University of Leeds, UK

A Chord in Time: The Evolution of the Augmented Sixth from Monteverdi to Mahler   Mark Ellis, Kirklees College and Huddersfield University, UK

Messiaen the Theologian   Edited by Andrew Shenton, Boston University, USA

The New Guitarscape in Critical Theory, Cultural Practice and Musical Performance   Kevin Dawe, University of Leeds, UK

New Perspectives on Marc-Antoine Charpentier   Edited by Shirley Thompson, Birmingham Conservatoire, UK

Play it Again: Cover Songs in Popular Music   Edited by George Plasketes, Auburn University, USA

Religion and Theology

New in paperback   The Centrality of Religion in Social Life: Essays in Honour of James A. Beckford   Edited by Eileen Barker, London School of Economics, UK

Orthodox Christianity in 21st Century Greece: The Role of Religion in Culture, Ethnicity and Politics   Edited by Victor Roudometof, University of Cyprus, Cyprus and Vasilios N. Makrides, University of Erfurt, Germany

Theological Interpretation of Culture in Post-Communist Context: Central and East European Search for Roots   Ivana Noble, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic


J.G. Fichte and the Atheism Dispute (1798–1800)   Edited by Yolanda Estes, Mississippi State University, USA and Curtis Bowman, Independent Scholar. Translated by Curtis Bowman and Commentated by Yolanda Estes


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