Airline Operations and Delay Management – a new book from Ashgate’s Aviation list

Delays to air travel are much in the news this week, because of the disruption caused in Europe by volcanic ash from Iceland. So Ashgate’s recently published book by Cheng-Lung Wu: Airline Operations and Delay Management: Insights from Airline Economics, Networks and Strategic Schedule Planning is very topical!

The book addresses the close relationships between network development, economic driving forces, schedule demands and operational complexity. The pursuit of robust airline scheduling and reliable airline operations is discussed in light of the future trends of airline scheduling and technology applications in airline operations.


Network and Schedule Planning are key functions in any airline. In practice, many airlines do not give these issues the depth of analysis they deserve. Wu’s book is a practical guide to application of complex network theory, and to resolving the management of conflicting demands on schedulers. It provides valuable lessons for airline managers to improve their on-time performance, delay management and efficient utilisation of their fleet.   David Forsyth, Chairman Airservices Australia, and former Executive General Manager Airline Operations, QANTAS

Airline network planning and schedule optimisation sets up a wide range set of problems to be resolved, entailing operations research, economics and other disciplines. Wu’s book provides a systematic yet practical guide to these. The book is masterly in the way that it elucidates complex material and builds up to reach a comprehensive synthesis. The result is a book which can be recommended strongly to both students and researchers.   Peter Forsyth, Monash University, Australia

About the Author: Dr Cheng-Lung (Richard) Wu is a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Aviation at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. He publishes extensively in major air transport journals, such as the Journal of Air Transport Management and Transportation Planning and Technology, and is an editorial board member of the World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research and the International Journal of Aviation Management.

Dr Cheng-Lung (Richard) Wu’s profile page on the University of New South Wales website.


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