New books – Art, Architecture, Heritage, Music

Art, Architecture and Heritage

Architectural Space in Eighteenth-Century Europe: Constructing Identities and Interiors Edited by Denise Amy Baxter, University of North Texas, USA and Meredith Martin, Wellesley College, USA

Art, Piety and Destruction in the Christian West, 1500-1700 Edited by Virginia Chieffo Raguin, College of the Holy Cross, USA

Caterina Sforza and the Art of Appearances: Gender, Art and Culture in Early Modern Italy Joyce de Vries, Auburn University, USA

Erotic Cultures of Renaissance Italy Edited by Sara F. Matthews-Grieco, Syracuse University in Florence, Italy

Fashion, Interior Design and the Contours of Modern Identity Edited by Alla Myzelev, University of Western Ontario, Canada, and John Potvin, University of Guelph, Canada

Flemish and Dutch Artists in Early Modern England: Collaboration and Competition, 1460-1680 Mary Bryan H. Curd, Harrison Middleton University, USA

Culture, Heritage and Representation: Perspectives on Visuality and the Past Edited by Emma Waterton, Keele University, UK and Steve Watson, York St John University, UK

Rethinking the Meaning of Place: Conceiving Place in Architecture-Urbanism Lineu Castello, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


Mark E. Smith and The Fall: Art, Music and Politics Edited by Michael Goddard, University of Salford, UK and Benjamin Halligan, University of Salford, UK


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