New books – Literary Studies, History of the Book

Literary Studies

Forms in Early Modern Utopia: The Ethnography of Perfection   Nina Chordas, University of Alaska Southeast, USA

Gender, Sexuality, and Material Objects in English Renaissance Verse   Pamela S. Hammons, University of Miami, USA

Kipling’s Children’s Literature: Language, Identity, and Constructions of Childhood   Sue Walsh, University of Reading, UK

Mary Sidney, Lady Wroth   Margaret P. Hannay, Siena College, USA

The Poetics and Politics of the American Gothic: Gender and Slavery in Nineteenth-Century American Literature   Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Shakespeare and the Just War Tradition   Paola Pugliatti

Humanities Reference

The History of the Book in the West: 400AD–1455: Volume I   Edited by Jane Roberts and Pamela Robinson, both at Institute of English Studies, University of London, UK

The History of the Book in the West: 5-Volume Set   Series edited by Alexis Weedon, University of Bedfordshire, UK


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