Interesting times for Social Work in the UK… and perhaps I’ll see you in Hong Kong?

Posted by Claire Jarvis, Ashgate’s Commissioning Editor for Social Work

It’s certainly an interesting time for social work in the UK, with everyone curious to see what the impact future legislation from our new coalition government will have on the profession.

One topic of particular concern is the impact of managerialism within contemporary public and social services. This forms the basis of one of our newly published social work books Professional Discretion in Welfare Services (Tony Evans, University of Warwick).

By providing the reader with a theoretically innovative study of the tension between the increasing regulation of practice from above, and the need for initiative and creativity in implementing policy by professionals, Tony Evans’ research is relevant not only to social work but to all those working within the public sector.

Readers who enjoy this book might also be interested in the following from our social work list:

Linda Davies and Peter Leonard: Social Work in a Corporate Era

Donna Dustin: The McDonaldization of Social Work

I am very much looking forward to attending the Joint World Congress on Social Work and Social Development being held in Hong Kong June 10-14 and I hope to meet as many of our former, current (and future!) authors as possible. If you’d like to arrange to meet up to discuss any publishing proposals you may have, please email me at


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