Call for proposals – Globalization, Crises, and Change series

Posted by Claire Jarvis, Ashgate’s Commissioning Editor for Sociology

The ongoing economic and political instability across the Eurozone and sinking financial markets worldwide has led many to argue that neoliberal globalization is in serious crisis.

Berch Berberoglu, editor of our series Globalization, Crises, and Change writes that:

This crisis in neoliberal globalization has brought the world economy to the brink of a global economic depression with major social consequences, from the housing crisis to the credit crunch, to high rates of unemployment and decline in the standard of living for the great majority of the world’s population.

It is for this reason that a careful sociological analysis of the dynamics and contradictions of neoliberal globalization is sorely needed so that the social consequences of this process on the affected populations can be assessed and appropriate responses developed to overcome the current global economic, political, and social crises.

Both Berch and I would be interested in receiving proposals for the series which look at three interrelated processes that are the product of the latest phase of global capitalist development at the end of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty-first century:

(1) the nature and dynamics of neoliberal globalization

(2) the worldwide contradictions and crises of neoliberal globalization

(3) the responses to neoliberal globalization with focus on social change and transformation.

Publishing in this area often ignores the underlying class dynamics of this process.  In contrast, this series will focus on the class nature of globalization and its contradictions and how these are related to the role of the state as facilitator of the capital accumulation process, hence the class configurations of advanced capitalist society operating on a global level.

If you have a book proposal that you’d like to discuss or any queries relating to the series, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Berch Berberoglu, series editor:

Claire Jarvis, commissioning editor:


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