New “Wishlist” and “Send to a friend” options on Ashgate’s Website

We’ve recently added a new button to Add to Wishlist.

This button allows users of our website to create a wishlist of titles that they are interested in or that perhaps they want to bring to the attention of a colleague or a friend.

Wishlists on our website are personal to the user that creates them and they can be printed, downloaded (as a csv file) or emailed with a personal message (either the whole wishlist or selected titles can be emailed as required).

Books can be added to the shopping basket on our site from the wishlist (either the whole wishlist or just selected titles from the wishlist as required). Titles remain in the user’s wishlist for a year from when they were added.

Another new feature for the website is a ‘send to a friend’ button, which appears on all individual title detail pages. This can be used to quickly send a link to the book in question, with a personal message if required, to any email address.

We work hard to make our website as user-friendly as we can, and are always pleased to receive any feedback you have about your own experience of using our website, or any suggestions for how we might improve the website in the future.

Let us know what you think!



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