New books – Politics, Philosophy, Religion and Reference

Politics and International Relations

Origin, Ideology and Transformation of Political Parties: East Central and Western Europe Compared   Vít Hloušek and Lubomír Kopecek, both at Masaryk University, Czech Republic

Protecting Our Ports: Domestic and International Politics of Containerized Freight Security   Suzette R. Grillot, University of Oklahoma, USA, Rebecca J. Cruise, University of Oklahoma, USA with Valerie J. D’Erman, University of Oklahoma, USA

Terrorism and the Politics of Social Change: A Durkheimian Analysis   James Dingley, University of Kurdistan, Kurdistan, Iraq and Visiting Research Fellow at Queen’s University Belfast. Northern Ireland

Under Attack: Challenges to the Rules Governing the International Use of Force    Dr Belinda Helmke, University of Sydney, Australia


Volume 1, Tome I: Kierkegaard and the Bible -The Old Testament   Edited by Lee C. Barrett, Lancaster Theological Seminary, USA

Religion and Theology

Beyond Evangelicalism: The Theological Methodology of Stanley J. Grenz   Steven Knowles, University of Chester, UK

Forrester on Christian Ethics and Practical Theology: Collected Writings on Christianity, India, and the Social Order   Duncan B. Forrester, Emeritus, New College, University of Edinburgh, UK

Hospitality as Holiness: Christian Witness Amid Moral Diversity   Luke Bretherton, King’s College London, UK


Émile Durkheim: Justice, Morality and Politics   Edited by Roger Cotterrell, Queen Mary, University of London, UK

The Library of Contemporary Essays in Political Theory and Public Policy: 4Volume Set   Edited by Richard Bellamy, University College London, UK and Antonino Palumbo, Palermo University, Italy

Ritual   Edited by Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern both at Department of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh, USA


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