New books – History, Variorum and Literary Studies


Anglo-American Naval Relations, 1919–1939   Edited by Michael Simpson, Retired Reader in History, University of Wales, Swansea, UK

Cities, Texts and Social Networks, 400–1500: Experiences and Perceptions of Medieval Urban Space   Edited by Caroline Goodson, Birkbeck College, UK, Anne E. Lester, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA and Carol Symes, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA

The Crusade of Frederick Barbarossa: The History of the Expedition of the Emperor Frederick and Related Texts    Translated by Graham A. Loud, University of Leeds, UK

Letters from the East: Crusaders, Pilgrims and Settlers in the 12th–13th Centuries    Translated by Malcolm Barber, University of Reading, UK and Keith Bate, University of Reading, UK

Natural Philosophy Epitomised: Books 811 of Gregor Reisch’s Philosophical pearl (1503)    Translated by Andrew Cunningham, University of Cambridge, UK and Sachiko Kusukawa, Trinity College Cambridge, UK

Sustaining Belief: The Church of Worcester from c.870 to c.1100    Francesca Tinti, Universidad del País Vasco, Spain


Law and Religion in Chaucer’s England    Henry Ansgar Kelly, University of California Los Angeles, USA

Literary Studies

Disability in the Middle Ages: Reconsiderations and Reverberations    Edited by Joshua R. Eyler, Columbus State University, USA

From Modernist Entombment to Postmodernist Exhumation: Dead Bodies in Twentieth-Century American Fiction    Lisa K. Perdigao, Florida Institute of Technology, USA

Holinshed’s Nation: Ideals, Memory, and Practical Policy in the Chronicles    Igor Djordjevic, Glendon College, York University, Canada

Law, Literature, and the Transmission of Culture in England, 1837–1925   Cathrine O. Frank,  University of New England, USA

Money, Morality, and Culture in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe    Edited by Juliann Vitullo, Arizona State University, USA and Diane Wolfthal, Rice University, USA

The Poetics of Old English    Tiffany Beechy, University of North Florida, USA


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