Shakespeare and Wales – reviewed in the Times Higher

We’re thrilled to read the very positive review of Shakespeare and Wales in this week’s Times Higher Education.

Shakespeare and Wales: From the Marches to the Assembly is edited by Willy Maley, University of Glasgow, UK and Philip Schwyzer, University of Exeter, UK. It explores the place of Wales in Shakespeare’s drama and in Shakespeare criticism, covering ground from the absorption of Wales into the Tudor state in 1536 to Shakespeare on the Welsh stage in the twenty-first century.

The volume brings together experts in the field from both sides of the Atlantic, and contributors include: Willy Maley, Philip Schwyzer, Kate Chedgzoy, David J. Baker, Megan Lloyd, Christopher Ivic, Margaret Tudeau-Clayton, Huw Griffiths, Marissa R. Cull, Lisa Hopkins, Andrew King, Richard Wilson and Katie Gramich.

From the Times Higher:

Wales features more prominently in Shakespeare’s plays than Scotland or Ireland; it features more prominently even than Italy. Indeed, what is most remarkable about Shakespeare and Wales is not its ability to surprise and delight (although it does that), but the fact that it has taken this long for scholarship to recognise the centrality of Wales to Shakespeare’s works. Read more…


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