A collection of Essays on Evolutionary Thought

We’ve recently published a five volume set bringing together a wide range of essays on the theory of evolution.

The theory of evolution is one of science’s great achievements and it plays a pivotal role in guiding new research. But could the theory also be capable of illuminating phenomena outside the scope of biology?

The volumes in the series explore this question by bringing together some of the seminal writings of the past two decades which explore the relevance of evolution and evolutionarily-inspired thought to arenas of human life beyond the merely biological.

The volume editors are experts in the philosophy of biology and they focus the volumes on particular controversies within each field:

  • To what extent are the processes of selection and reproduction that explain changes in gene frequencies also at work in explaining the reproduction of ideas?
  • Is the content of moral systems explained by evolution?
  • Can evolution shed light on why we think as we do, perceive as we do, even feel as we do? 

The essays are wide-ranging, and relevant to the philosophy of science, the history of ideas, applied philosophy, ethics and philosophy and theology.

The International Library of Essays on Evolutionary Thought is edited by Neil Levy, from the Florey Neurosciences Institute, Australia and Oxford Centre for Neuroethics, UK. Editors of the individual volumes are Neil Levy, Stefan Linquist and John S. Wilkins.

Full information about the series is available on our website, and you can also download an information leaflet for the series


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