One pilot, two pilots, or perhaps none at all?

Posted by Luigi Fort, Senior Marketing Executive (Aviation and Human Factors)

One of the best things about working for a publishing company is that you become a conduit for a broad range of themes. For example among our aviation and human factors communities we find some people, on one hand, talking about whether aeroplanes should be crewed with one, two even three pilots: on the other hand others are considering the possibility of using unmanned craft for commercial flights. Who is right? The issues are not just to do with technology, or even economics. The ‘human factor’ is going to prove crucial to acceptability.

If you are interested in issues related to pilot performance look at our Human Factors in Flight Operations web page

For a take on some of the cutting-edge technology related to unmanned vehicles have a look at Human-Robot Interactions in Future Military Operations. The emphasis here is on the military but many of the issues raised will have bearings on future civilain applications.


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