Call for proposals – Public Intellectuals and the Sociology of Knowledge

We’re currently inviting proposals for our newly commissioned series: Public Intellectuals and the Sociology of Knowledge. The series is edited by Andreas Hess, University College Dublin and Neil McLaughlin, McMaster University, Canada.

The sociology of knowledge has a long and distinctive history. Its function has always been that of attempting to bridge the aspirations of the discursive and institutional founding fathers of sociology with that of modern attempts to define the discipline through the study of the emergence, role and social function of ideas.

However, since Mannheim first outlined his program in the 1920s, the sociology of knowledge has undergone many changes. The field has become extremely differentiated and some of its best practitioners now sail under different flags and discuss their work under different headings.

This new series charts the progress that has been made in recent times – despite the different labels. Be it intellectual history Cambridge-style, the new sociology of ideas which is now gaining strength in North America, or the more European cultural analysis which is associated with the name of Bourdieu, this series aims at being inclusive while simultaneously striving for sociological insight and excellence.

For more information on how to submit a proposal for this series please contact Claire Jarvis, Commissioning Editor for Sociology.

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