Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Montreal, Quebec, October 14-17

We recently attended the SCSC conference in Montreal, with Erika Gaffney, John Donoghue, Dave Cota and Elizabeth Sutton there for Ashgate.

The Hilton Bonaventure played host to the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference this year, and by all accounts it was a good year. The choice location of the Hilton, the ease of access to Montreal, and collection of speakers provided its highest attendance in recent years (close to 800) and the Ashgate table saw a variety of scholars from a multitude of fields.

We were delighted with the high level of interest in the books we had on display. Several titles stood out as books which caught people’s eye:

  • Everyday Objects – There were quite a few people who were very disappointed we only had a couple copies of this book. It might have been the single most looked at book at the conference.
  • Mary Sidney Lady Wroth – we brought several copies of this and left with none. There were discussions about the high quality of this book, with much praise for the author and the historical value of the text.
  • Holinshed’s Nation – This was one of, if not the first book sold, and there were many scholars who were sad to see the sold sign.
  • Liturgical Space – There was a lot of interest in this book being in paperback, and we heard at least 3 professors speaking of using it as a classroom text.
  • St Andrews Studies in Reformation History – This series was the talk of the table, with many scholars eyeing the books!

Next year’s conference will be in Fort Worth, Texas.

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