Round table discussion for Pat Carlen’s new book “A Criminological Imagination”

Posted by Sarah Stilwell, Senior Marketing Executive – Reference

Ashgate author Pat Carlen discusses her new book A Criminological Imagination at a Round Table discussion at the American Society of Criminology meeting in San Francisco on Wednesday 17th November.

The book is a compilation of pieces from Pat Carlen’s lifelong distinguished career with a thought provoking reflective introduction. Reflecting on this body of work, Carlen makes the point that all forms of criminological knowledge, critical, feminist or mainstream are subject to the risk of falling into what she calls the ‘discursive abyss’ being absorbed by other discourses over which the author has no control.

All research, Carlen reminds us, has the possibility for critique as long as it is driven by a ‘criminological imagination’ to think the unthinkable, to represent the unrepresentable, to shift the boundaries and imagine a just criminal justice system. These insights question the neat boundaries sometimes drawn around critical and non-critical criminological research.

Carlen’s work has inspired a new generation of scholars to adopt a more imaginative approach when undertaking research and producing theoretical knowledge about relationships between inequalities in wealth and power and patterns of crime, punishment and criminalization and to contemplate a greater range of options for redressing these inequalities and bringing about a greater measure of social justice.

The Round Table discussion takes place between 8 am and 9.20 am, Pacific D Room, 4th floor.

Session Participants include Kerry Lyn Carrington, Chair, (Queensland University of Technology), David Garland (New York University), Kelly Hannah-Moffat (University of Toronto), Richard Sparks (Edinburgh University), David Brown (University of New South Wales), Jo Phoenix (Durham University, UK) and Pat Carlen (University of Keele).

About the Author: Pat Carlen is Visiting Professor of Criminology at Kent University and Editor-in-Chief, British Journal of Criminology.

Further information on A Criminological Imagination: Essays on Justice, Punishment, Discourse

Ashgate Reference publisher Dymphna Evans will be attending the conference from 17-21 November and will be pleased to meet with prospective authors.

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