Risky Business 2010 – a successful conference for Ashgate

Posted by Luigi Fort, Senior Marketing Executive – Human Factors and Aviation

With the number of Ashgate books sold at the Risky Business 2010 Conference (Kings Place, London 18-19 November 2010) up by over 20%, Ashgate Publishing is establishing itself as a key publisher for healthcare and patient safety sector. Visitors seem to appreciate the significance of non-techncial skills as an aid to performance and service. This is reflected in the book sales with both Safety at the Sharp End and Safer Surgery doing extremely well. The Human Contribution, The Field Guide Understanding Human Error and The ETTO Principle: Efficiency-Thoroughness Trade-Off proved top-sellers too.

The top five:

Safety at the Sharp End: A Guide to Non-Technical Skills   Rhona Flin, University of Aberdeen, UK, Paul O’Connor, USA and Margaret Crichton, People Factor Consultants Ltd, UK

The Human Contribution: Unsafe Acts, Accidents and Heroic Recoveries   James Reason, Professor Emeritus, The University of Manchester, UK

The Field Guide to Understanding Human Error   Sidney Dekker, Lund University, Sweden

The ETTO Principle: Efficiency-Thoroughness Trade-Off: Why Things That Go Right Sometimes Go Wrong   Erik Hollnagel, MINES ParisTech, France

Safer Surgery: Analysing Behaviour in the Operating Theatre   Edited by Rhona Flin, University of Aberdeen, UK and Lucy Mitchell, University of Aberdeen, UK

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