New books – Literary Studies, Religion and Theology, Law

Literary Studies

The Ashgate Research Companion to Thomas Hardy    Edited by Rosemarie Morgan, St Andrews University, UK

The Bellum Grammaticale and the Rise of European Literature    Erik Butler, Assistant Professor of German Studies at Emory University, USA.

Pollastra and the Origins of Twelfth Night: Parthenio, commedia (1516) with an English Translation    Louise George Clubb, The University of California at Berkeley, USA.

Rhetorics of Bodily Disease and Health in Medieval and Early Modern England    Edited by Jennifer C. Vaught, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA

Shakespeare and Venice    Graham Holderness, University of Hertfordshire, UK

The Shakespearean International Yearbook: Volume 10: Special section, The Achievement of Robert Weimann    Edited by Graham Bradshaw, Chuo University, Japan; Tom Bishop, University of Auckland, New Zealand, and David Schalkwyk, University of Cape Town, South Africa and Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington DC, USA

Theatre and Culture in Early Modern England, 1650-1737: From Leviathan to Licensing Act    Edited by Catie Gill, Loughborough University, UK

Victorians in the Mountains: Sinking the Sublime    Ann C. Colley, The State University of New York, College at Buffalo, USA

Women and Personal Property in the Victorian Novel    Deborah Wynne, English Department, University of Chester, UK


Between Philosophy and Theology: Contemporary Interpretations of Christianity    Edited by Lieven Boeve and Christophe Brabant, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Hell and its Afterlife: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives    Edited by Isabel Moreira, University of Utah, USA and Margaret Toscano, University of Utah, USA

In Search of the Folk Daoists of North China    Stephen Jones, SOAS, UK

Jataka Stories in Theravada Buddhism: Narrating the Bodhisatta Path    Naomi Appleton, Cardiff University, Wales.


Law and Religion in the 21st Century: Relations between States and Religious Communities    Edited by Silvio Ferrari, University of Milan, Italy and Rinaldo Cristofori, University of Milan, Italy

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