David Ashworth reviews “Sociology and Music Education”

Sociology and Music Education

We enjoyed reading David Ashworth’s review of Sociology and Music Education. You can read the full review on the Teaching Music website, but here’s an extract:

Sociology and Music Education attempts to outline some basic concepts in sociology and music education and then draws together seminal theoretical insights with examples from practice with innovative applications of sociological theory to the field of music education.

Ruth Wright has assembled an impressive list of contributors including Pamela Burnard, John Finney, Lucy Green, Alexandra Lamont, Felicity Laurence and Chris Philpott. To round things off, Christopher Small provides a typically lively and thought provoking Afterword.

I must admit, I approached this book with some trepidation – music education I do know something about but my grasp on sociology is at best sketchy. It was therefore with a feeling of relief to find that Chapter 1 is given over to a very clear introduction for those of us who are new to the field and a thorough consideration of how this all relates to music education.

Read the full review

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