5 Outstanding Academic Title awards from Choice. 1: Re-Thinking Men

Five of Ashgate’s 2010 books have received Outstanding Academic Title awards from Choice magazine this year. We’re thrilled!

This week we’ll be profiling one of the five award-winning titles each day, and today’s book is Anthony Synnott’s Re-Thinking Men: Heroes, Villains and Victims.

Re-Thinking Men

What Choice said:

Observing that the definitions and cultural depictions of men have become increasingly negative over the past 50 years, Synnott challenges the misandrist and unbalanced view of men so prevalent in popular culture and literature, gives voice to the large numbers of powerless men, and offers a more balanced perspective on gender and power relations…The result is a comprehensive, engaging, and important contribution of immense value to any student or scholar interested in the past, present, and future of masculinity and men’s studies…Essential.

About the author: Anthony Synnott is Professor of Sociology at Concordia University, Canada

From the Choice website:

Every year in the January issue, in print and online, Choice Magazine publishes a list of Outstanding Academic Titles that were reviewed during the previous calendar year. This prestigious list reflects the best in scholarly titles reviewed by Choice and brings with it the extraordinary recognition of the academic library community.

The list is quite selective: it contains approximately ten percent of some 7,000 works reviewed in Choice each year. Choice editors base their selections on the reviewer’s evaluation of the work, the editor’s knowledge of the field, and the reviewer’s record. The list was known as Outstanding Academic Books until 2000. The new name reflects an increase in reviews of electronic products and Internet sites.

In awarding Outstanding Academic Titles, the editors apply several criteria to reviewed titles:

 *   overall excellence in presentation and scholarship

 *   importance relative to other literature in the field

 *   distinction as a first treatment of a given subject in book or electronic form

 *   originality or uniqueness of treatment

 *   value to undergraduate students

 *   importance in building undergraduate library collections

Comprising less than 3 percent of the more than 25,000 titles submitted to Choice in 2010, Outstanding Academic Titles are the “the best of the best”. Only a select group of publishers and authors are represented on such a list, so congratulations to all of our winners.

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