5 Outstanding Academic Title awards from Choice. 3: Models of Collaboration in Nineteenth-Century French Literature

Five of Ashgate’s 2010 books have received Outstanding Academic Title awards from Choice magazine this year. We’re thrilled!

This week we’re highlighting one of the five award-winning titles each day, and today’s book is Models of Collaboration in Nineteenth-Century French Literature: Several Authors, One Pen, edited by Seth Whidden.

Models of Collaboration in Nineteenth-Century French Literature

What Choice said:

‘… distinguished by both its intense focus and its wide-ranging vision… Highly recommended.’

About the Editor: Seth Whidden is Associate Professor of French at Villanova University, USA. He is the author of Leaving Parnassus, and coeditor-in-chief of the scholarly journal Parade sauvage: revue d’études rimbaldiennes.

Contents and Contributors: Introduction: on collaboration, Seth Whidden; Collaboration Before the Revolution: How often did authors write alone?: ways of becoming an author in early modern France, Joan DeJean; ‘Le dîner des philosophes’: conviviality and collaboration in the French Enlightenment, John R. Iverson. The 19th Century: A Long Century of Collaboration: Collaboration and solidarity: the collective strategies of the romantic cenacle, Anthony Glinoer; Smooth collaboration: vitalism and Judaism in Erckmann-Chatrian’s L’Ami Fritz, Julia Przybos; Sharing one’s death: Le Tombeau de Théophile Gautier (1873), Pascal Durand; Poetry in collaboration in the 1870s: the Cercle Zutique, ‘Le Fleuve’ and ‘The Raven’, Seth Whidden; Erasing collaboration: the case of André Gill and Louis de Gramont, Joseph Acquisto; The Médan group and the campaign of naturalism, Jennifer K. Wolter; From illustration to decoration: Maurice Denis’ illustrations for Paul Verlaine and André Gide, Frédéric Canovas; A collective experiment in literary journalism: the case of La Revue Wagnérienne, Pamela A. Genova; Rhyparographers: Les Frères Goncourt and monstrous writing, Lawrence R. Schehr. The 20th Century: Collaboration and Modernism: Belgian, modernist and avant-garde literary journals from the early 1920s: a model for network collaboration, Daphné de Marneffe; Index.

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