Publishing from your Phd – new book

Publishing from Your PhD

In this new book (from our sister imprint Gower) Nicole Johnson explores the need for emotional and collegial support for researchers at the outset of their academic careers, and the transition from PhD thesis-writing to the pressures of publishing research as journal articles.

From the introduction to the book:

Few academics (if any) talk about rejections. However, rejections of articles and book proposals are actually very frequent. Despite this, it seems that when someone admits they have received a rejection, it is deemed to be admitting failure and so it consequently does not exist – it is something kept quiet, relegated to a sobbing session in a storeroom. I aim to remove the secrecy and encourage us, as academics, to admit that publishing is a challenge and takes a confounded amount of time…

… The text specifically illuminates the difficulty in having written in the PhD thesis genre and rewriting it to suit the genre of journal articles, with the caveat that it does not deal with the ‘how’ of academic writing in general. What this book does do is give you the strategies and ‘know-how’ you need to successfully publish not only from your PhD thesis, but from your future research projects…

… If searching the Internet, you will find websites expounding advice on how to format your PhD into a book. There is little that talks about how to take parts of your PhD and condense it into appropriate journal articles, that is, transferring a thesis of up to 100,000 words into smaller chunks of articles of 4,000, 6,000, 8,000 or 10,000 words. In Part Two of this book, I illustrate the ups and downs of established academics who are able to offer insight as to how they went about publishing from their PhD and during their careers. They give helpful advice that is of crucial need within academia worldwide.

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