New books – History, Variorum

Medieval and Early Modern History  

Identities and Allegiances in the Eastern Mediterranean after 1204    Edited by Judith Herrin, King’s College London, UK, and Guillaume Saint-Guillain, King’s College London, UK

Working with Limestone: The Science, Technology and Art of Medieval Limestone Monuments    Edited by Vibeke Olson, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, USA

Images of the Byzantine World: Visions, Messages and Meanings   Edited by Angeliki Lymberopoulou, The Open University, UK

Humanism and Calvinism: Andrew Melville and the Universities of Scotland, 1560–1625   Steven J. Reid, University of Glasgow, UK

Modern History

Democracy and the Vote in British Politics, 1848–1867: The Making of the Second Reform Act    Dr Robert Saunders, St John’s College, Oxford, UK.

Personal Capitalism and Corporate Governance: British Manufacturing in the First Half of the Twentieth Century    Roger Lloyd-Jones, Sheffield Hallam University, UK,  Josephine Maltby, University of York, UK, Myrddin John Lewis, Sheffield Hallam University, UK and Mark David Matthews, former Leverhulme research assistant at Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

Public Opinion and the End of Appeasement in Britain and France    Daniel Hucker, University of Nottingham, UK

Touring Beyond the Nation: A Transnational Approach to European Tourism History    Edited by Eric G.E. Zuelow, University of New England, USA


Emergent Elites and Byzantium in the Balkans and East-Central Europe   Jonathan Shepard

Giovanni Gabrieli and His Contemporaries: Music, Sources and Collections    Richard Charteris, University of Sydney, Australia

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