European Conference for Social Work Research, Oxford

Claire Jarvis, Ashgate’s Commissioning Editor for Social Work, will be attending the first European Conference for Social Work Research, which is being held at St Catherine’s College, Oxford, 23-25 March 2011.

From the ECSWR website:

Although the initiative for the European Conference of Social Work Research (ECSWR) came from conversations within the university community from 2005 onwards, the conference is open to all stakeholder groups including practitioners, the policy community, managers, service users engaged with research, university and agency researchers, lecturers, and graduate research students. It will represent a wide range of substantive, methodological and value-based interests. It is open also to those in broader social care, human services, and social pedagogy fields, and to interested members of other academic disciplines. The conference series, of which this is the first, aspires to a high standard of research presentations and a significant role in shaping the development of social work. While there are several existing excellent conferences that include a research dimension, there has been nothing within Europe that provides a general forum for the social work research community. By drawing on a wide constituency the intention is to open up the potential for cross-cultural learning within and beyond Europe, and for developing the quality of social work research internationally.

More about Ashgate’s Social Work publishing program

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