Ashgate and Beyond Home Remedy

Posted by Whitney Feininger, Assistant Editor, Literary Studies

Ashgate author Rebecca Laroche (Medical Authority and Englishwomen’s Herbal Texts, 1550–1650), is a curator, with Georgianna Ziegler, Leslie Overstreet, and Steven Turner, of Beyond Home Remedy: Women, Medicine, and Science, on display from January 21 – May 14, at the Folger Shakespeare Library.

This exhibit “highlights women at all levels of society—from the Countess of Kent and Lady Castleton to Hannah Woolley and Mrs. Anne Coates—who were known to practice medicine” and “demonstrates the elaborate nature of the recipes women constructed and shared with one another”.

Dr. Laroche’s book was published in Ashgate’s Literary and Scientific Cultures of Early Modernity series, which is celebrating its tenth anniversay this year. More early modern titles can be viewed on our Early Modern Studies and Women and Gender in the Early Modern World series pages.

Congratulations, Rebecca!

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