Ashgate Studies in Surrealism series – call for proposals

We are currently seeking proposals for our new Ashgate Studies in Surrealism series, edited by Gavin Parkinson (The Courtauld Institute of Art).

Maruja Mallo and the Spanish Avant-Garde

Ashgate Studies in Surrealism series serves as a forum for key areas of Surrealist inquiry as they evolve. The series follows on the recent academic and popular fascination with Surrealism, resulting in studies that have rethought established areas of Surrealist activity, including politics, photography, and modern physics.

Expanding this line of inquiry, books in the series examine Surrealism’s intersections with philosophical, social, artistic, and literary themes.

Potential specific subjects to be examined in the context of Surrealism include but are not limited to: nature; queer studies; humour and play; the 1950s; temporality; Czechoslovakia; and the New Novel.

Proposals are welcomed for both monographs and essay collections dealing with the above subjects, or discussions of Surrealism in other aspects and genres. Monographic writings on artists and writers who have been so far overlooked by academic scholarship, such as Victor Brauner, André Masson, and Toyen, would also fall within the scope of this series.

If you would like to submit a proposal, please contact Commissioning Editor Meredith Norwich

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