News from Ashgate’s Green Committee

Posted by Heidi Bishop, on behalf of Ashgate’s UK and US Green Committees

At the end of 2010 our UK office engaged Carbon Footprint to conduct a ‘reduction and recycling survey’ and as at March 2011 information is being gathered in order to calculate our carbon footprint. The reduction and recycling surveys are now with us and will be analysed by the Ashgate Green Committee over the coming weeks and recommendations put forward to the management board for implementation.

100% of Ashgate and Gower books are printed on FSC paper and all our catalogues and other promotional literature are 100% recyclable, and also available electronically from our website. All paper used on work premises is recycled as well as some plastics. Overall, we currently recycle more than 60% of our company waste.

In 2010, the US office began composting—we’re up to roughly 50% of all food waste! Employees are happily using our appropriately bright-green durable plates and cutlery, from New England-based company Preserve Products, rather than throwing away countless paper plates and plastic forks. In 2011, we hope to do more to encourage alternative transportation options, and to collaborate with the City of Burlington’s Climate Action Plan workgroups to help “green up” our community.

For more information about our environmental credentials, please see the environmental initiatives section on our website.

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