New books – Medieval and Early Modern History, Variorum

Medieval and Early Modern History

Anthony Ashley Cooper, First Earl of Shaftesbury 1621–1683     Edited by John Spurr, Swansea University, UK

Debating Foreign Policy in Eighteenth-Century Britain     Jeremy Black, University of Exeter, UK

Early Modern Women in the Low Countries: Feminizing Sources and Interpretations of the Past    Susan Broomhall, The University of Western Australia and Jennifer Spinks, The University of Melbourne, Australia

The Siege and the Fall of Constantinople in 1453: Historiography, Topography, and Military Studies   Professor Marios Philippides, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA and Walter K. Hanak, Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA

Early French Reform: The Theology and Spirituality of Guillaume Farel    Jason Zuidema, Concordia University, Canada, and Theodore Van Raalte, Calvin Theological Seminary, Michigan, USA

The Ideas of Man and Woman in Renaissance France: Print, Rhetoric, and Law     Lyndan Warner, St. Mary’s University, Canada


Byzantium and Venice, 1204–1453: Collected Studies    Julian Chrysostomides, formerly Royal Holloway University of London, UK

Learning and Culture in Carolingian Europe: Letters, Numbers, Exegesis, and Manuscripts    John J. Contreni, Purdue University, USA

Magic, Memory and Natural Philosophy in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries    Stephen Clucas, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK

Studies in Renaissance Humanism and Politics: Florence and Arezzo    Robert Black, University of Leeds, UK

Words and Music in Medieval Europe    Nigel Wilkins, University of Paris-Sorbonne, France

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