An easy way to keep up to date with new Ashgate books

Our email updates are an easy way to hear about new books from Ashgate. We have updates for 25 different subject areas.

Email updates are sent out monthly (we don’t want to bombard you with emails!), and they include information about newly published books, together with news about conferences we’ll be attending, prizes and awards, and special offers.

It’s very easy to subscribe. You can fill in a simple form on our website, or email us with your request.

We currently send out updates for the following subject areas:

Architecture — Art/Visual Studies — Ashgate Reference Series — Aviation — Business and Management (Gower) — Business Lecturers’ (Gower) —  Gower — Medieval History — Early Modern History — Modern History — Human Factors, Safety and Risk — Human Geography — Information and Cultural Management — Law — Literary Studies — Lund Humphries (Art books) — Music Studies — Pharmaceutical Industry (Gower) — Philosophy — Politics and International Relations — Religion and Theology — Social Policy and Social Work — Sociology — Training and HRD (Gower) — Variorum

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