e-learning and customized training in aviation

Posted by Luigi Fort, Senior Marketing Executive, Aviation and Human Factors

e-Learning and customized training hold keys to training more efficiently

With fewer flying hours between a pilot gaining their licence and first taking their seat on the flight deck, it is necessary to radically rethink the way the aviation industry delivers training. In a recent article in CAT magazine, Suzanne Kearns , author of E-Learning in Aviation explains how this can be achieved through using e-learning to harness the potential of customized training.

She explains that customized training, otherwise known as performance-based training, enables trainees to develop at their own pace, without wasting time on skills they have already mastered. Providing it is properly organized, e-learning can deliver such customized training. Moreover, when done properly, significant training budget savings can be made and without compromising quality.

The CAT magazine article gives a broad outline of the e-learning options. You can read it in full in the online version of CAT Magazine Digital Issue 2/11 (page 33).

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