New books – Social Work, Sociology, Law, Law Reference

Social Work

The Social Fund 20 Years On: Historical and Policy Aspects of Loaning Social Security    Chris Grover, Lancaster University, UK


Drugs and Culture: Knowledge, Consumption and Policy    Edited by Geoffrey Hunt, Institute for Scientific Analysis, USA, Maitena Milhet, French Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, France and Henri Bergeron, Sciences Po, France

Personality Presenters: Television’s Intermediaries with Viewers    Frances Bonner, University of Queensland, Australia


Stories About Science in Law: Literary and Historical Images of Acquired Expertise      David S. Caudill, Villanova University School of Law, USA

The Challenges of Justice in Diverse Societies: Constitutionalism and Pluralism    Meena K. Bhamra, York University, Canada

The Human Rights of Children: From Visions to Implementation    Edited by Antonella Invernizzi, Swansea University, UK and Jane Williams

Reference Series

International Law inEast Asia     Edited by Zou Keyuan, University of Central Lancashire, UK and Jianfu Chen, La Trobe University, Australia.

The Library of Essays on Sexuality and Law
 (3 Volumes)    Edited by Ruthann Robson, City University of  New York, USA.

Available as a  3 Volume Set

Individual volumes:

Volume I: Family and Youth

Volume II: Crime and Punishment

Volume III: Sexual Freedom

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