‘Principles of Strategic Management’, and the benefits of planning ahead

Tony Morden, author of Principles of Strategic Management, says that this year in particular businesses need to plan ahead, to cope with challenges to come. And he knows just the book to help!

There won’t be many fresh home-grown plums in the UK this Autumn. There will be severe water shortages here. Food prices will rocket (and I mean rocket) before Christmas 2011. And there is nothing that I personally can do about it. But others can at least plan ahead. Are they doing that right now? If not, ask them whether they have bought and read my “Principles of Strategic Management” published by Ashgate.

And if not, why not?

But if not, don’t moan about the hosepipe bans, or the lack of plums in your supermarket, or complain about the air miles associated with importing fruit from somewhere else in the world. And don’t mutter about the high water bills or food prices. By that time it will be too late.

Principles of Strategic Management

Now published in its Third Edition, Principles of Strategic Management is a proven textbook that offers a comprehensive introduction to the study and practice of strategic management.

This new edition covers the fundamentals of strategic analysis and planning, strategy formulation, strategic choice, and strategy implementation. It contains new material on leadership and corporate governance, and on the strategic management of time, risk, and performance. There is a new chapter on the key issue of crisis and business continuity management. The book retains the strong international flavour of its predecessors.

Full information about Principles of Strategic Management is on the Ashgate website

Visit Tony Morden’s Principles of Management website

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