Ashgate’s Social Work and Social Policy publishing

Posted by Michael Drapper, Marketing Executive, and Claire Jarvis, Commissioning Editor

Our new and updated Social work and social policy webpage allows you to browse through our bestselling social work titles and find out more about our professional paperbacks. There is a 10% discount on any titles ordered online as well as an exclusive 20% discount on our monthly feature titles.

Through the Social Work and Social Policy page you can also stay up to date with new and forthcoming titles by signing up for our free email updates and downloading  a copy of our newest Social Work and Social Policy catalogue, with information about our new and forthcoming books as well of some of our key titles from previous years.

Why not take a look?

Ashgate has been publishing in social work since 1977, under various imprints including Arena, Dartmouth, Gower, Wildwood, Avebury and Ashgate.

Our first book was Paul Willis’s Learning to Labour, which is regarded as a classic in its field and is still in print after 30 years. We developed the social policy list and began to publish more Social Work books during the 1980s, and this programme was accelerated by our acquisition of Heinemann Education.

Books from this period still in print include Gibson Burrell and Gareth Morgan’s Sociological Paradigms and Organizational Analysis, first published by Heinemann in 1979 and reprinted almost annually by Ashgate ever since, and the UK paperback edition of Donald A. Schön’s 1983 book The Reflective Practitioner, which we have reprinted most years since 1991.

In the 1990s we commissioned a highly regarded list of books in social work and policy, education and health under the Arena imprint, aimed at helping professionals put theory into practice. At the same time we continued to develop our academic monograph publishing under the Ashgate imprint.

Our present list, now gathered under the Ashgate imprint, continues to draw on this strong publishing history. We have developed an international reputation for academic excellence, practical relevance and comprehensive coverage and we are proud of the quality of the research we have assisted in disseminating and of the list of highly respected authors from both the academic and professional worlds who have chosen to publish with Ashgate.

We are one of the few publishers committed to the publication of specialized research monographs in social policy and social work (as part of the series Contemporary Social Work Studies) and we also publish a range of textbooks, geared both to practitioners and students. We ensure the quality of our publishing by insisting that all books are peer-reviewed by authorities in the field.

Our social work list is strong in the fields of social work education, reflective practice, law and social work, and international social work. Recent textbook highlights include:

In 2007 we published a sixth edition of Michael Gossop’s Living with Drugs, and in 2008 we published a third edition of Mediation in Family Disputes by Marian Roberts. 2011 sees the publication of a fully revised and expanded second edition of Ian Shaw’s ground-breaking text Evaluating in Practice.

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