New books – Literary Studies

Literary Studies

America in Literature and Film: Modernist Perceptions, Postmodernist Representations    Ahmed Elbeshlawy

Disguise on the Early Modern English Stage    Peter Hyland, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Epic, Epitome, and the Early Modern Historical Imagination    Chloe Wheatley, Trinity College, USA

Inventing Americans in the Age of Discovery: Narratives of Encounter    Michael Householder, Marshall  University, USA

Myth and Violence in the Contemporary Female Text: New Cassandras    Edited by Sanja Bahun-Radunovic, University of Essex, UK, and V.G. Julie Rajan, Rutgers University, USA

Reimagining the Transatlantic, 1780-1890     Joselyn M. Almeida, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, USA

The Invention of Discovery, 1500–1700    Edited by James Dougal Fleming, Simon Fraser University, Canada

The Mother’s Legacy in Early Modern England   Jennifer Heller, Lenoir-Rhyne University, USA

Victorian Jewelry, Identity, and the Novel: Prisms of Culture   Jean Arnold, California State University, San Bernardino, California

Women’s Literacy in Early Modern Spain and the New World   Edited by Anne J. Cruz, University of Miami, USA, and Rosilie Hernández, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

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