International Medieval Congress 2011, Leeds

Ashgate will be at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds this week, so if you’re there do drop by the stand to browse our latest medieval studies books, and to say Hello!

From the IMC website:

As the global economy attempts to recover from the recent staggering economic downturn, and scholars and journalists describe the enormously uneven concentrations of wealth that took place in the decade preceding that downturn, it seems only natural to turn our scholarly gaze to issues of wealth and poverty in the Middle Ages. For that reason, the IMC has chosen for 2011 the special thematic focus:


How uneven was the distribution of wealth in medieval communities and polities? How was the distribution of wealth affected by environmental and commercial cycles of paucity and plenty? How was wealth amassed and then redistributed? What were the topographies of wealth and poverty? How permeable were the physical and symbolic boundaries between rich and poor? In what ways did both church and secular authorities attempt to deal with the moral and practical problems arising from poverty and the uneven distribution of wealth?

If you won’t be at the conference, but would like to take a look at our medieval studies books, why not visit our history web pages. You’ll find links through to the latest catalogues (available as pdfs), and you can also browse by subject area.

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