Ashgate has a new Politics Commissioning Editor

We are very pleased to announce that Robert Sorsby has joined us as Senior Commissioning Editor on our Politics list.  Rob has a degree in International History and Politics from the University of Leeds and over fifteen years of publishing experience, having worked for Prentice-Hall, Sybex and most recently McGraw Hill.

Rob will be working alongside Kirstin Howgate, Publisher for International Relations, and welcomes all politics proposals, with particular interest in new ideas in the areas of Political Sociology; Political Communication and Strategy; European, South American and Asian Politics.

Politics at Ashgate is centred on Regional Studies, alongside Development, Public Policy and Political Sociology. Committed to expanding the Politics publishing programme to keep abreast with important developments and present a richer and more multifaceted way of dealing with questions in 21st century politics, we are looking to publish more cutting edge research on political psychology, political communication, ethnicity and nationalism, gender, ethics, politics of religion and political theory. Within this section, we aim to develop new ways of conceptualizing and providing case studies on the interaction between economic interests, political institutions, social identities and cultural norms. If you are curious to read more on the various ways that theory can illuminate current domestic and international politics then our series, Rethinking Political and International Theory may be one for you.

Across Ashgate, we have developed a new competency in original research, building on our existing success in pre-published reference volumes. There are many forthcoming international relations and politics titles in The Ashgate Research Companion programme, providing scholars and graduate students with a comprehensive and authoritative state-of-the-art review of the current research in this area. The companions bring together a team of respected and experienced experts to write chapters on the key issues in their specialty, providing a comprehensive reference to the field.

To keep abreast of all developments in Ashgate’s politics and international relations programme, please sign up to receive our mailings and email updates.

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