New books – Law, Philosophy, Geography, Environment and Planning


The Public Nature of Private Property    Edited by Robin Paul Malloy, Syracuse University College of Law and Michael Diamond, Georgetown University Law Center, USA

Law and the Market Economy in China    Edited by Perry Keller, King’s College London, UK


Augustine and Modern Law    Edited by Richard O. Brooks, Vermont Law School, USA and James Bernard Murphy, Dartmouth College, USA

Jürgen Habermas, Volumes I and II    Edited by Camil Ungureanu, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain, Klaus Günther, University of Frankfurt, Germany and Christian Joerges, University of Bremen, Germany

Geography, Environment and Planning

The Common Agricultural Policy after the Fischler Reform: National Implementations, Impact Assessment and the Agenda for Future Reforms     Edited by Alessandro Sorrentino, Università della Tuscia, Italy, Roberto Henke, National Institute of Agricultural Economics, Italy, and Simone Severini, Università della Tuscia, Italy

Food and War in Twentieth Century Europe    Edited by Ina Zweiniger-Bargielowska, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA, Rachel Duffett, University of Essex, UK & Alain Drouard, University of Paris-Sorbonne, France and President of ICREFH

Protected Areas, Sustainable Land?    Edited by Catherine Aubertin and Estienne Rodary, both at the Institut de recherche pour le développement, France

Upwave: City Dynamics and the Coming Capitalist Revival    John Montgomery, Urban Cultures Ltd, UK and Australia

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