New books – Modern History, Law, Politics, Reference

Modern History

Cities into Battlefields: Metropolitan Scenarios, Experiences and Commemorations of Total War    Edited by Stefan Goebel, University of Kent, UK and Derek Keene, Institute of Historical Research, London, UK

Rethinking African Politics: A History of Opposition in Zambia    Miles Larmer, University of Sheffield, UK


Constitutional Life and Europe’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice   Alun Howard Gibbs, University of Southampton, UK

Islamic Law in Europe? Legal Pluralism and its Limits in European Family Laws    Andrea Büchler, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Resolving Disputes about Educational Provision: A Comparative Perspective on Special Educational Needs    Neville Harris, University of Manchester, UK and Sheila Riddell, University of Edinburgh, UK


Institutionalizing Agonistic Democracy: Post-Foundationalism and Political Liberalism    Ed Wingenbach, University of Redlands, USA

Reference Series

Policing, Popular Culture and Political Economy: Towards a Social Democratic Criminology    Robert Reiner, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

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