New books – Aviation and Human Factors, Geography, Planning, Design


Moving Boxes by Air: The Economics of International Air Cargo    Peter S. Morrell, Cranfield University, UK

Human Factors

Human Performance on the Flight Deck   Don Harris, HFI Solutions Ltd, UK

Situational Awareness    Edited by Eduardo Salas and Aaron S. Dietz, University of Central Florida, USA


Architecture for a Free Subjectivity: Deleuze and Guattari at the Horizon of the Real    Simone Brott, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Metropolitan Anxieties: On the Meaning of the Irish Catholic Adventure in Scotland    Mark Boyle, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Queerying Planning: Challenging Heteronormative Assumptions and Reframing Planning Practice    Edited by Petra L. Doan, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Revitalizing Electoral Geography   Edited by Barney Warf, University of Kansas, USA and Jonathan Leib, Old Dominion University, USA

Sanctuaries of the City: Lessons from Tokyo    Anni Greve, Roskilde University, Denmark

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